Yes, it’s that time again, one of the group of female goats, known as ‘nannies’, has started to give birth, which is known as ‘kidding’.

In the last few days, we have had fifteen adorable kids born and we are lovingly looking after them in the rearing goat barn. The baby goat kids will stay together in small groups until they are approximately nine weeks old and have started eating hay and delicious pellets.

For guests joining us later in the 2017 season for a holiday, we shall be kidding again in May – June and August – September.


Billy Goats

We often focus on female nanny goats here on the farm as they produce the delicious milk that our customers love. But of course, the pedigree herd of Billy goats is very important; our herd of twelve billy goats range in age from two years to eight years old. And we have Toggenburg and British Saanens pedigree Billy goats.

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