The Dandelion Hideaway – Environmental Policy



The Dandelion Hideaway works to combine luxury canvas cottage holidays in a sensitive environment, within an environmental and ethical framework. The Dandelion Hideaway endeavours to maintain a balance between the environment and providing guests with the highest quality luxury tented holiday as possible.

Waste Management

  1. We measure and look at ways to reduce our consumption of energy and water
  2. We treat effluent water on site and discharge the treated water on site (via bio digesters) with consent from the Environment Agency.
  3. We identify, minimise and phase out the use of harmful chemicals.
  4. We recycle and encourage our guests to recycle materials, packaging and waste.


  1. We source fair trade, recycled and environmentally friendly
  2. We encourage wildlife and biodiversity. We plant an acre of Phacelia plant to encourage the bumble bee population and we have erected three new barn owl houses to encourage the endangered barn owl population.
  3. The onsite farm shop sells local food and drink items.
  4. We use local trade’s persons for new construction and maintenance.
  5. All timber is sourced locally.
  6. We monitor and manage our energy use.


  1. We have separate bins for glass, paper and household plastics.
  2. We buy good quality second-hand goods wherever possible.
  3. Green waste from the site is composted when practical.


  1. We engage with local schools and businesses.
  2. We pay staff more than the minimum wage.
  3. We recruit local staff that live within a five mile radius of the farm.

We ask our guests to…

  1. Use the recycling facilities provided. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.
  2. Help conserve water by not flushing toilets unnecessarily.
  3. Use only the ecological cleaning products we supply.
  4. Leave no litter and respect the Country Code.

The Dandelion Hideaway
Osbaston House Farm
Leicestershire CV13 0HR

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